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Colombia El Zafiro Wush Wush
A Exceedingly Rare single origin crafted with mastery
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Roasts on Tuesday, October 5th

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About This Coffee
Set along a rambling river near Popayán, Colombia, El Zafiro is home to expert farmers and some of the world’s most unique coffees. Our latest exceedingly rare single origin is an Ethiopian cultivar, Wush Wush, grown and processed by these dedicated farmers to bring out the complexity hidden within.

Wush Wush is known for being difficult to grow, often deterring farmers from touching the cultivar. However, Nancy Maca of El Zafiro and her family brought Wush Wush to life with their adept farming and adventurous processing methods.

This single origin holds the floral brightness common in Ethiopian cultivars, with tropical highlights of guava and pineapple. However, it takes on its most complex form from the experimental fermentation process used after harvest. Anaerobic fermentation allows for prolonged contact between the seed and fruit, giving this coffee amplified stone fruit and citrus flavor balanced by a smooth ribbon of honey sweetness.

The expressiveness and intricacy of this iteration of Wush Wush stand out as a beautiful divergence from other expressions of the cultivar—one we’ll treasure as a rare find.
Region: Popayan
Processing: Natural Anaerobic
Cultivar: Wush Wush
Elevation: 1,900 - 2,100 meters
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